Thats the name of this blog. Simple and sweet like me. (Yeah Right!)

In reality, I could have named it something using the term "journey" but that sounds overused and quite frankly I have never liked that term. "Journey" is defined as the act of travelling from one place to another. On the other hand the term "transition" means to change from one condition or state to another.

I prefer "via" because it is a more subtle way of saying transition. At the same time I am using gender norms and saying I was once in the Blue category but now I am in the Pink category.

Within this Blog I hope to share with you how I have transitioned. My approach to this whole experience is probably not the same as others and it is not my intention to make others do what I have done. The intention here is to help others see the adventure I am on and all the wonderful things that surround this travel.

Stay Tuned