Anti-Transgender Legislation USA

According to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) there are the following pieces of pending legislation across US States.

Prohibiting Healthcare for Transgender Youth - 21 bills in 17 states.

Excluding Transgender Youth from Athletics -44 bills in 25 states

Restrictions on Updating ID – 2 bills in 2 states

Other Anti-Trans Legislation – 6 bills in 4 states

Alabama – The State senate is voting on criminalizing youth hormone and surgery; they would make providing this care a felony.

Mississippi - Just signed into law a ban on Transgender athletes competing on girls and women’s teams.

South Dakota* – Governor Kristi Noem is expected to sign a bill banning transgender athletes from playing sports on teams in which their identity matches.

*Update "Gov. Kristi Noem is OK with a ban on trans girls playing girls' sports in high school, but doesn't want it extended to college athletics"