A member of a club!

When you come out as Transgender you join an exclusive club. The thing is you never actually signed up for this club. Interestingly, there is no President or CEO of this club and the club has never requested any membership dues or anything. So, why do I say that you are joining a club that really isn't a club? This is because of the alternate media, right wing media and religious groups love to talk about the Transgender Agenda.

Take a look for yourself.

What is the transgender agenda? - Evangelical Times

The Coercive, Surreptitious Transgender Legal Agenda - The National Review

Churches should ‘tremble’ at transgender agenda, professor says - The Catholic Register

So, let us break this down. What does the term Agenda actually mean? I is "an underlying often ideological plan or program a political agenda".

The question that we should ask ourselves is, if there is a truly political agenda regarding transgender rights. Let's be honest, more rights have been granted to the wider LGBT community in the past 30 years. And over the last 15 years more right have been granted to Transgender people in general. Things such as, changing your name, changing your gender, and being protected by law against discrimination. WOWZER! Two of these things, changing name and gender was quite a simple implantation to do by governments, and did not require any new legislation. Adding "gender identity" to a federal law to protect trans people from discrimination took 11 years and 3 different federal governments. If it was truly an important issue that people seemed to care about and the so called "Transgender Agenda" was so strong then why did it take 11 years to become law?

The "transgender agenda" is a myth. Ninety-Nine percent of Trans people just want to live a simple life. They want to be treated fair, maybe have a family, make a comfortable living, be able to travel and much more. None of which is really any different from cis-gender individuals.